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  • Bringing to life the history of medicine
  • with costumed characters talking about the different periods of history
  • handling collections spanning the ages 
Do you cover the Curriculum?

Yes. We work in and around the curriculum, you tell us what you want and we will cover the topics, developements and provide backgrounds to the historical period.

How are sessions conducted?

We are an interactive costumed team who can cover all periods of history as specified within the curriculum or can give tailor made displays and talks for all age groups

Can I request certain aspects?

Yes! you can pick and chose which aspects you want covered. please contact us so we can personalise your day 

Frequently Asked Questions

Featured Program

Jo and Dis bring the history of medicine to life with this fantastic interactive show from the Stone Age to the Modern see how surgery and pharmacy has developed through time 

Mission Statement

To bring to life the history of Medicine though our pop up museum, in line with the National Curriculum, tailored to meet the requirements of each individual school or group.